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greeting September the 1st with Usain Bolt pose and ”Wong Fu 4 LYFE” sign. ahahaha, senior year in highschool - HERE WE COME!

it’s been 12 years of 1st September and it’s always been sunny, except these last two years. last year it was raining hard but today - well, a bit. but still I would liked if that sun would have shined on us. 

led the first grade students to their classroom. I got two little boys, they were cute! ahaha, okay, I actually saw them from distance and put my eyes on them and then ran and grabbed them by their hands.. oh, man, that sounds so bad.. 

talking about my very first 1st of September - I don’t really remember it. I don’t remember senior class student leading me to my classroom.. I just remember that there was some tree with prizes, we all could get one. I went and grabbed something and it turned out that it was a ruler. a ruler! transparent one! I know it was supposed to be for-school-prize but how can a 7 years old kid be happy about a transparent ruler? I was so dissapointed, haha. and the other thing I remember is how I failed in front of all my classmates and their parents. one kid had to leave earlier and gave flowers to teacher before leaving. I didn’t know that he’s leaving, I thought that it’s time for giving flowers so I stood up and did the same. teacher made some joke, someone laughed too, I guess. but how was I supposed to know? it was my first first September! and my mom was standing somewhere far from me, I wasn’t able to ask her anything. 

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